دستگیره درب چوبی

While decorating our home, we think of everything, be it furniture, curtains, wall paper, paint color, carpet, etc. But when it comes to دستگیره درب چوبی, most of us ignore it. And we recognize this when a friend of ours makes us realize that our door handles are not going well with the wallpaper! Well, this is the moment when all our hard work goes in vain. So, when it comes to interior decoration of your home or workplace, these are an important accessory to consider. It is because when somebody enters your office or home, door and its handle is the first thing he or she will notice. Hence, it is such an accessory that can’t be ignored at any cost.

A correctly chosen door handle depicts your personality and style as well. One can add a touch of glamor and sophistication to his or her home by choosing a right door accessory. Now the question arises that how to choose good door handles for your home. There are many types available in market. Depending upon the type of material used in manufacturing, these are wooden, metal, crystal and plastic, etc. Among these, metal ones are most popular among interior decorators as well as home-makers. A metal door handle would probably be the first preference of any person, due to its durability and long-lasting. These are available in many shapes, styles and colors. Colorful metallic hues imparted by finishing done on these make them not only attractive, but sturdy as well.

Wooden handles are also in trend these days and give an option to experiment with interiors. One can get plain as well as painted wooden ones matching with wall paint or furniture. Intricately carved wooden door handles give a royal look to the doors and add a charm to the ambiance. Crystal pieces are also getting popular, but not as much as wooden and metal ones, due to less durability. Many colors and shapes like round, square, etc. are available in crystal material. But it is advised to use this type of door handles in less-traffic areas like drawing room, guest room, etc.

Antique ones are another option, which serve your purpose of durability and beautiful looks. These types of knobs add a traditional look to your home. Available in black to deep Grey colors, antique ones give your place an exotic look. But there are many factors which shall kept under consideration while choosing door handles for your home. One shall decide on purchasing the door handles according to the room traffic. For example, kitchen and main door shall have strong and sturdily-constructed metal doors as they are used frequently, while crystal or wooden material can be used in drawing room.

Take a look at interiors of each of your room and choose handles matching with them. Another important thing to considered while purchasing these is their functionality. Do not go on looks only and make sure that it works properly on installation. Keeping all these factors under consideration will for sure result in a good choice for your place.

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