A clipping path – The most important technique of designers

A clipping path is a vector path or shape used to cut out an image from its background with photo editing software. Actually, the main function of a clipping path is to remove the unexpected area from the main image to give a better and new Photoshop background is the main place where clipping is done.

The pen tool is the main thing. to make clipping masks. The object must be a vector object and the file must be a bitmap file. If you would like vector objects and bitmap combine, both are exported to EPS files. Services of clipping paths are very cheap nowadays. Developing countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, and India can easily get these services. The low clipping rate is getting more popular and competitive day by day.

In fact, designers use the part of the image for clipping is not destroy the rest. Photoshop clipping path can denote transparent background areas in images. A clipping path can divide part of an image, the rest of the image is transparent when the image is placed in a layout.

Profession and Expert Photo Editors use clipping path images in so many ways. Because clipping path has become the most essential part of Photoshop day now.

There is a lot of software on the market which can easily clipped like- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and CorelDraw, but among these Adobe Photoshop is mostly popular. We can draw a lot of paths with Photoshop’s Pen tools. We can get the best clipping path services using PSD, PNG, JPG, TIFF and other files.

The clipping service is basically a technical technology that is widely use in the graphics area. Clipping path is very important in our digital imaging lives. Today’s different businesses and people want to get clipping path services.

This service is absolutely necessary for those who are involve in photography, eCommerce store, online brand design, advertising and graphic arts. The graphic society and developing countries can easily benefit from the clipping path services. Clipping services are the best way to create jobs for the unemployed. Image Clipping India is a very low-cost clipping and graphic design service provider.

Adobe Photoshop was the first photo editing software since its introduction in 1990. CS3 is actually Photoshop version 10. Clipping path in Photoshop is a preview of some shape or object that defines its appearance in other software.

A Clipping paths are use to extract objects from certain backgrounds or settings and then insert them into other settings in software such as QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, web design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver or another Photoshop file. Clipping paths for printing purposes were know as knockouts before the advent of desktop publishing.

open a file in Adobe Photoshop. Make sure that the “Options”, “Tools” and “Path palettes” are open. All palettes are open from the “window” drop-down list.

Select a shape tool or photoshop pen tool, and click the “Paths” button in the options bar.

Set the Photoshop Pen tool-specific options and draw the path. The paths can drawn point to point or as a continuous outline and refined later.

Save the path as a “working path,” using the drop-down menu on the Paths palette. A working path is indicate by a solid line and changes the outline to a dotted line, indicating a selection.

adjust the path if necessary. You can switch Photoshop pen tools by clicking a tool button in the options bar. Use the Pen tool to modify or adjust the path.

Save a path as clipping path. Choose “Clipping Path” from the Paths palette menu, then choose the save path from the drop-down list. Leave the “flatness” value empty and click “OK”

Save the file. If you are printing to a PostScript printer, EPS Save As “,” PDF format “” DCS “or”.

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