A Comprehensive Guide On Diet Of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies Diet

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies are fond of food and cannot self-check when they have consumed enough. As in the case of humans, dogs require schedule to maintain optimal health. If you can stick to a proper feeding program, you can ensure that you have an energetic pet. Overfeeding has caused issues among dogs of this breed in recent years because of their increased population. However, many dog owners lack awareness regarding the needs and risks of these dogs. Here are some guidelines which you can follow to ensure that your pet enjoys a good health for years to come-

Ask The Breeder About What Diet Plan To Follow

Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniels are known to be gluttons or at times fussy about food. Both conditions are frustrating for spaniels as well as their owner. Therefore, it is wise to feed him sensibly. First and foremost, confirm whether your dog is receiving the nutrition required according to his breed and size. You can ask the breeder of your pet about the recommended food, schedules and possible supplements. Ask him to provide you with a diet guide and samples which are best for your pet. The breeder should also mention the prime feeding times and the amount of each serving.

When you are taking a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel home, it may not be ready to eat at first. It is quite normal at the initial stage and his feeling of detachment will go with time. It might take some time for him to get attached to you since he has recently been separated from his mother. In case he refuses food for quite some time, you can contact the breeder regarding what you should offer him to eat. By the time he is about eleven weeks old, he will have to fed twice a week till the time he is around nine months old.

Figure Out When To Change The Feeding Pattern

A one-year marker is the stage during which you need to decrease the feeding pattern to once a day. Some breeders suggest that minimizing it in half and feeding the dog twice a day. The decision is up to you. However, make sure that the food intake remains small till the time he is a year old. As overeating and potential weight can become major issues, avoid feeding your dog human food or excessive treats. In case you don’t take precautionary measures, he may face considerable health problems or his life span may be shortened. One major risk related to overfeed is weight gain which can easily stain his heart.

Cavaliers are highly vulnerable to heart related ailments. A less serious issue which can be caused by weight gain is sluggish behavior and discomfort. For your own happiness and that of your dog, make sure that there is no need to re-train about table scraps. It will ensure that he doesn’t whine too much. A daily feeding schedule with proper serving sizes and an occasional small treat as a reward will prove how much you care about your pet.

Consult your pet point’s breeder and veterinarian about the suggested guidelines and risks related to his diet. It is easier to avoid health issues than to handle them. Since these dogs have a tendency to overheat, you have the scope and obligation to offer a better life by implementing a healthy pattern of eating.

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