A Course In Miracles

Do you believe in A Course In Miracles? If so, then you are in sync with an NBC News’ Dateline program which cites a Time Magazine poll stating 69% of Americans believe in miracles.

Webster defines a miracle as an exceptional event of special significance. The root word of miracle means wonderful. And when something fills us with wonder we call it a miracle.

Miracles do not speak to the language of your mind but of your soul! Miracles don’t just happen to you. God may be the whole which provides miracles but you create the space within yourself to receive it.

Many people don’t realize they have the ability to create their own miracles! No person creates a miracle by himself. To align ourselves with this ability we must become conscious of the Oneness in the Universe.

Each breath we take and each choice we make provide the threads that are interwoven into this tapestry of life. Many of you feel miracles happen out there…let’s discreate that belief and recognize that miracles are a God-given gift that you can easily tap into.

To align with this energy you must firmly ground yourself in the unwavering belief in the Power of your Source. Developing complete trust in God to always guide and protect you, is the first step to embracing this gift or ability.

When you work at this level, your spiritual faucet must be turned on at all times. At the first sign of a problem or crisis go into your mind and heart and declare, “I need a miracle.” Commanding, rather then pleading or bargaining is the catalyst for invoking a spiritual charge that creates miracles.

If you are looking for a one-of-kind supernatural event, then you are missing the significance of the power that is available to those who boldly decide to embrace miracles as a part of their daily existence.
Start your day off claiming a miracle and fully expect to receive one.

God appreciates when we claim our gifts without hesitation or fear. Taking this pro-active stance will align your spirit with the energy making power that is always available to us in the Universe.

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