A Trainee’s Guide to Rose Sexual Toy

On the surface of it, Rose Sexual Toy seem pretty simple – an extension of your hand that feels a little more like realistic sex, but not quite as big, bulky and hard to hide as a blow-up doll! However, there’s a wealth of new discoveries to be made inside those little tubes of specially formulated silicone… if you’ve recently purchased a Fleshlight adult toy or are thinking about it, here’s everything you’ll need to know about the Fleshlight.

Buying a Fleshlight Adult Toy

Many handheld pussy/anal sex simulators are called Fleshlights, although ‘Fleshlight’ is actually a particular brand. If you’re looking to buy one of these toys, have a browse through the men’s adult toy section generally, don’t just search by the name.

Look for toys made of Cyberskin or ‘realistic feel’ silicone – there is an amazing difference between these and standard old silicone!

You’ll also notice that some are make in a flashlight style, while others have a flat base to help you ‘mount’ the toy to a surface for hands-free operation (“Hey look, no hands!”). The mountable ones can cost a little more, but you can get the same effect from a handheld one by jamming it between your mattress and base, or between two couch cushions.

Prepping and Using Your Fleshlight Adult Toy

The proper prep can make a big different to how your Fleshlight adult toy feels. Here’s the usual MO:

  1. Fill the sink full of warm-hot water
  2. Remove the insert from the casing and sit it in the sink for 5 minutes
  3. Repeat if you like, or for thicker inserts
  4. DON’T use the microwave or boiling water
  5. Pop some wipes nearby to help with the cleanup. You’ll want to get the lube off your hands to get a good grip on your adult toy
  6. Slather the inside with water-based lube only; silicone-based lube will react with the adult toy and melt it.

Once you’re ready to go, try some different ideas like:

  • Using it as an extension of your hand as you’d normally masturbate
  • Jamming the Fleshlight between your mattress and the bed base for doggie-style simulation
  • Alternatively, push it down between your couch cushions to hold it in place.
  • Popping your adult toy into a shoe for unusual angles
  • Simply hold it on a countertop or the side of a couch

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