Buying Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses: 5 Mistakes to Steer Clear of

Summary: Have you made your mind to buy gold sequin bridesmaid dresses? Read on to know the mistakes to avoid. 

Your bridesmaids play a vital role in your wedding. They are not only your pillar or support but also the ones who form an important part of the wedding scene. From selecting the venue of your wedding, theme and menu to accompanying you when you walk down the aisle; they will always be with you. So, their dress selection should not be something that you will take lightly.  

Do you want your girls to carry the dresses that reflect sophistication and shimmer? Do you want to pick a timeless hue for them? Then, gold sequin bridesmaid dresses will be the ultimate choice for them. 

Worried about how to pick the dresses successfully for your girls? Avoiding these mistakes will help you a lot – 


  • Shopping before buying your wedding gown 


Your bridesmaids will walk down the aisle with you. Besides, they will accompany you in many of your wedding pictures. Therefore, you have to be very sure of the fact that their style matches yours. The wedding gown is the focal element of your bridal look. So, the bridesmaid’s dresses must complement it. Once you choose your wedding gown, it will be easy for you to identify a factor that will unify your look with the rest of your bridal party. So, avoid buying the bridesmaids’ dresses before buying your wedding gown.


  • Not open to accept opinions and suggestions 


Your bridesmaids know that you will make the final decision. But it is good to invite their opinions and suggestions while doing your dress research. Your girls will appreciate it when you accept their inputs. When asking for opinions, focus on the styles that they are not comfortable in. Whether you are choosing gold sequin or rose gold, you have a wide array of options to choose from, it should not be difficult for you to zero-in on options that will not put any of your girls in distress.


  • Choosing the same dress for all girls 


It is not possible to find a single dress that will look good on all bridesmaids. As they will all have different skin tones, body types, and sizes, a gold sequin dress that will look great on some girls may look terrible in others. Moreover, it is quite boring when all your girls look the same. Experiment with dress styles, features, and silhouettes, so that you can mix and match to find dresses that are suitable for each of them. 


  • Picking dresses that don’t look special  


Brides often make the mistake of choosing simple dresses and flimsy fabric to simplify their dress selection. Keep this in mind that though it is your wedding, your girls will want to look stunning on this day. So, pick the dresses that are dressy enough to help them stand out from the rest of the guests in a good way. Find dresses with fabrics that are not excessively clingy to make sure it will look good in pictures. 


  • Not considering the difference in heights 


This is a concern when you pick short bridesmaid dresses and the heights of your bridesmaids in your bridal party vary gently. Short dresses with varying hemlines will draw attention to the height difference. Steer clear of this mistake by choosing long dresses that unify the overall look or choosing the same fabric and style so the dresses look similar. 

Choosing the right gold sequin or rose gold bridesmaid dresses from the vast collections offered by various bridal stores is not easy. But avoiding these mistakes will make the make the procedure easy and help you pick right dresses for your girls.

Author bio: James Mack is a fashion blogger, who has recently written on rose gold bridesmaid dresses. In this write-up, he has mentioned a few mistakes that you should avoid when buying gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. 

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