Four Reasons to Build Custom Closets and Wardrobes

In any home, having enough storage space is important. Proper storage is not just limited to boxes in the attic or basement but includes clothing as well. Unfortunately, most people simply make do with the storage that is available. Instead of putting up with a small wardrobe or one that makes poor use of space, homeowners should install Custom Closets and Wardrobes. Here are four reasons why.

They Are Design for Your Habits

As the name suggests, custom closets are design to fit your individualized lifestyle and fashion sense. If you collect stilettos or basketball shoes, storage shelves design to hold footwear could installed. If you live in a cold climate, extra space can be made to hang heavy snow jackets. In short, instead of trying to fit all of your different clothes, shoes, and accessories into one cookie-cutter space, you should have the space designed to fit your specific needs. Not only does this make clothing storage easier, but it also protects your clothes. For example, a suit will last longer and require fewer dry cleanings if properly hung, rather than jammed between a leather jacket and a wool sweater.

They Are Efficient

When contractors want to build a closet, they generally find a small amount of open space next to a bedroom, put up the walls, hang a coat rack, and put a door on it. It is as simple as that. There is no attempt to incorporate more space or properly use the space available. When a designer of custom closets goes to work, no square inch is left unused. As experts in clothing storage, closet designers understand how people will use the space, and they build it accordingly. The end result is that more clothing and shoes can easily stored.

They Keep the Rest of the House Clean

At some point in their lives, most people have avoided their closet because it was too full or too awkward to access. Instead of putting that suit on a proper hanger, you threw it over the back of a love seat. Rather than putting the high heels on their rack, you tossed them under the bed. With custom closets, storing clothes becomes easier. In turn, people are more likely to put their things away where they belong. Rather than leaving them strewn about the house.

They Add Value to Your Home

If you think you may ever sell your home, specially designed wardrobes can have a positive impact on its resale value. Along with kitchens, floors, and bathrooms, nice wardrobe spaces are attractive to potential buyers. For all of the reasons discussed above, buyers are willing to pay more for a house that includes ample clothing storage.

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