How to Catch Bass Fishing In Puerto Rico Successfully Every Time

Bass Fishing In Puerto Rico is an enthralling sport. Every one will aspire to come out successfully in any sport or game. To be a good angler one should know the information that is discussed below.

Depth of the water

Any water body will have three layers. They are deep layer, middle layer and surface layer. The surface layer will be warmer than the middle layer and the middle layer will be warmer than the deep layer.

Before heading for the bass fishing you need to know the existence of the three layers and should be able to find out the temperature of the three layers. Thermometers can be used effectively to measure the temperature of the different layers of water.

Bass fish prefers comfortable temperature. Hence in hot weather condition the bass fish will remain in the deep layer as it will be cold. During cold weather condition the bass fish will try to remain in the middle or top layer.

Temperature of the water

The metabolism of the bass fish is influence by temperature of the water. There is no second opinion that bass fish can withstand temperature fluctuations better.

Bass fishing can done thorough out the year when the temperature of the water is around 70 -75 degree Celsius. The bass fishing is possible even when the temperature is around 32-39 degree Celsius.

When the temperature of the water becomes cold the movement of the bass fish is getting slower. This piece of information will help the anglers immensely to get big booty of bass fish.

Clarity of the water

Bass can survive well in both clear and murky water. Bass fish tries to remain in the deeper water for most of the time. They tend to come to the top layer only for feeding and reproduction.

Male fish remain near the nest and does the protection job. The male bass fish will enter in to the fight with any intruder who comes near the nest with the aim of destroying or eating.

If the water is clear and calm, good deep water bass fishing is possible. If the water is cloudy which means a lot activity in all three layers, the bass fishing will be difficult.

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