How to Choose Reel Mower – Tips and Using for Your Garden

Whether you anticipate to obtaining outside and mowing your field weekly or dread it as a necessary job might rely not solely on your angle, however additionally on your garden tool.

“People WHO use gas mowers place up with ear-splitting noise, headache- and nausea-inducing fumes and mechanical issues,” says L Hundley, Chief agriculture Evangelist at Clean Air agriculture. He prefers the serenity and ease of old style reel mowers. “There may be a real part of enjoyment to employing a manual lawn mower,” he says. Click here to check out the Best Reel Mowers.

Today’s reel mowers square measure a so much cry from the one your granddaddy used. “Reel mowers square measure light-weight, quiet, and nearly maintenance-free,” notes Hundley. The mowers square measure environmentally friendly, and additionally higher for your grass. “Rotary mowers tear the grass — reel mowers cut grass like scissors, going a downfall of clippings as mulch for your yard,” he explains.

They do take some effort, however they are not ANy more durable to push than an 80-pound gas lawn mower that may not self-propelled. whereas it will take a small amount longer to mow with a manual {mower|lawn lawn mower|garden tool|lawn tool} than an influence mower, it’s a way additional pleasant expertise. rather than the roar of a lawn mower, you hear the pleasant mechanical sound of the blades, the chirping of birds and noisy of insects. rather than the smell of gas exhaust, you have got the smell of recent air and fresh grass.

A manual lawn mower is best suited to eight,000 sq. feet of grass or less. “If you reside on a half-acre ton or smaller, then a manual reel lawn mower may be a terribly cheap alternative,” says Hundley. “But if you have got additional grass than that, then it’s attending to be too time overwhelming for the common person.” Hundley says that if it usually takes somebody forty five minutes to mow their field with an influence lawn mower, they will expect to pay sixty to seventy minutes doing identical job with a reel lawn mower.


Hundley shares the following pointers for obtaining the simplest cut with a manual reel lawnmower:

  1. Walk at an honest, steady pace. With a manual reel lawn mower, you’re the engine; the lawn mower can tend to bind up and skid if you walk at a snail’s pace. therefore get cracking at a well fast walking pace and you may get the simplest results.
  2. Overlap your rows. this may build the lawn mower a small amount easier to push as a result of you are mowing less grass, and it’ll additionally facilitate catch any spots you would possibly have incomprehensible on the previous row.
  3. Experiment with totally different mowing patterns. differing types of grass and {different|totally totally different|completely different} lawns have different growing patterns. The direction within which you mow will build a distinction within the quality of the cut.
  4. do not let the grass get too tall. Manual mowers square measure more durable to push once the grass gets too tall, therefore keep your field mowed weekly.
  5. Experiment along with your cutting height. Once you’ve got found your variety of grass and apprehend the suggested cutting vary, strive totally different cutting heights to seek out that height makes the grass easier to chop and that height offers you the simplest cutting results.
  6. Embrace imperfectness. Grass may be a living organism. it isn’t carpet. If you miss some blades of grass and they are protruding up within the yard, move on. you will get them next week.
  7. Mow early. this is often one among the best blessings of getting a reel lawn mower. you’ll be able to arise at the break of dawn and mow, and you will not wake your next-door neighbors. absorb the cooler morning temperature, hear the birds, get pleasure from yourself.

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