KT200 Basic – Some Helpful Information

KT200 Basic: With the significant changes and advancement in technology comes the increasing case of car thieves that has victimized thousands of car owners. Thus the creation of Car Key Programmer became one of the many solutions in preventing car thefts.

Your car will be safe after having this specific key made using the Car Key Programmer that provides radio transmission between the key and the ignition system of the car. There is a built in chip in the key that allow the car to start. Other keys will not work with the car and likewise these keys will not work with other cars for maximum security of the car. Also, if you have lost your key, or if someone has stolen it, you can use the Car Key Programmer to program another key and make a spare key for your car. You can already check out these helpful device in different car shops or online.

If your car has developed any electrical fault, it may display an incorrect and corrupt reading on its mileage. If you want to change your speedometer reading of your cars mileage. Then you can use a process called the Mileage Correction. You can change the value of odometer digital reading in to something higher or lower than what you can see from your car after undergoing a Mileage Correction process.

You will find number of reasons for having a voltage hike causing an incorrect mileage reading. First is when you boost charge a flat battery or any physical damage that can be from theft or vandals. It can cause inconsistency with the reading thus you need to do a Mileage Correction to set it back to the correct reading. Unfortunately this process can be abused by some people who intentionally want to change the mileage of their car for better sales. Hence, if you are planning to purchase a second hand car, make sure to check it first with someone who is professional to determine if the mileage is correct or not.

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