Manifesting ACIM With Confidence And Mastery

ACIM: You will learn with time to be more comfortable in knowing, not guessing or perceiving, that the body is merely a temporary structure projected by the separated mind, but is used as a communication device by the Holy Spirit.

When the body’s interpretation is left to the Holy Spirit–your Highest Consciousness while in this world, rather than the ego-based mind, you will understand health as the natural state of everything that is real. You will understand sickness as illusion.

A Course in Miracles states ACIM, “Say to the Holy Spirit only, ‘Decide for me,’ and it is done.”

To master your own spiritual freedom you must discover that what stands beyond these dreams is your real and natural self, which requires your whole mind to join with other minds; this is how peace is obtained. The willingness for peace is genuine here.

You must have genuine interpretations, too.


While you are here in a body, the ego will be with you, but you will have the power to render it a follower, manifesting only in unreal fussing, rather than what truly leads you. The ego’s nonexistence can never truly match the Truth in you. The Holy Spirit–your divine natural guidance system, will not allow it, because you will have His shared inspiration.

What we think we understand about confidence building and where it really comes from may surprise you. When the truth is a part of you that is not real is obscuring the true light of your real power, often we may believe our confidence is bright.

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