Plan Your Flat Refurbishment London

Flat Refurbishment London: First of all, budget and draw up an approximate estimation. Finding costs of materials and the labor lets you appraise, what kind of refurbishment is affordable. You have also to decide, if you are going to hire one building company carrying out renovations complexly or a few specialized companies, e.g. Tiling Services, Painting & Decorators, Plumbing Services etc.

Before starting any works, it is advisable to hire a container for building waste. You need to remember that not all kinds of waste can be put into the same container, so you may need two or three types of them.

The best season to start works is the spring. It is a good idea to start with outdoor works, like a repair of the roof or an exchange of doors and windows. In this way, you avoid having breaks caused by low temperatures.

When outdoor tasks have been finished, the disassembly starts. All old furniture, sanitation devices and fitted carpets must be removed. The inner doors, after them ceilings and separating walls need to be dismantled. If it is necessary, you should uninstall water, gas and electric installations.

Now you can pick up planning of the inside. You can order the service of one of interior designing and computer visualisation (3D Computer Design) companies. The great advantage of the professionally made design is that the interior of the house is planned considering how sunlit the rooms may be and how functional they are. Designs are usually offered as pictures, 3D panoramas, animations or virtual walks. Some of building services or tiling services offer their customers that kind of design. You can also make a design of your home on your own. It is easy to find on the Internet a lot of free, easy to operate programmes helping arrange the inside of your house.

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