Stand Upon Thy Feet – Walking the Cosmic Path

Stand Upon Thy Feet! Stand accounted for. What are you doing? Where are You? Who is this person who calls itself by your familiarized name? What are you experiencing? You half-dazedly arise in the morning, follow a ritualistic meaningless routine of sorts, robotically mannered, you semi-function on auto-pilot without the slightest recognition of the magnificent ineffable occasion of rapturous splendor you grievously miss by overloading your mind with another: “things to do today list”. You stumble mummified into the day without an inkling of conscious awareness, appreciation or acknowledgment of the stupendously afforded opportunity you have set before you. You are here on Earth! Do you realize the indescribable possibilities available, today? No other day will be exactly like this one day.

You stand upon your feet but you are not present. Your mind is so clouded with ideas, notions, thoughts, plans, schemes, agendas, and parasitical fantasized daydreams; you are oblivious to what’s really going on. Your mind is so over inflated with pre-staged perceptions of “what it’s going to be like, when…” NO. No. No. It’s not going to be anything like what you imagine. Your life as you are presently living it is as good as it gets. Surprise! Can’t you see that? All that you’ll ever have is right now, here with you in your feet where you stand. Stop fighting. It’s totally pointless trying to run to another set of ‘better’ circumstances. You will have to take you wherever you end up. Until you realize it is YOU that you are seeking, you will remain miserable, unsettled and discounted all the days of your life. You will continue to give yourself away and then wonder why you feel unhappy, mad, depleted, old, and unproductive.

IF you don’t come to terms with YOU, your current problems will magnify and duplicate in many more forms of distraction. No one other than you is causing you unrest. There are no PROBLEMS that exist on the outside of your troubled mind. You are the author of the book of despair you are writing. No matter how you arm, defend, excuse, apologize and sublimate yourself, the essence of YOU is never anywhere else but wherever your feet are planted. You are currently residing in the exact location you need to be. Period. NO, no where else! Can you get with that? Can’t run, can’t hide, can’t quit. Your feet have brought us to this particular place in the here and now. You could be no place else, no matter what you like to tell yourself doing anything other than what you are doing.

What are you doing is the question? Where do you call home? What is home to you? Have you created the home you always dream about? The one you’ll have some day? Today IS that day!!! What’s the name of the street you live on? The number on your mailbox, does that mean anything to you at this delegated point in your life? What does it really have to do with you? Think about it. How is the specific name of your street relative in your particular life? Your feet brought you to that address, no where else. You can’t just dismiss it as unimportant. What’s going on there? Your feet will NEVER lead you to any place you do not need to be for reasons you can’t see unless you look with your soul. Your mind may say that you don’t need to be where you are or it may say that you need to anywhere other than where you are, doing anything else more progressive, so “you can get ahead”. {Ahead of what} You can’t get ahead of yourself.

Your mind lies. Not only can you not trust your overburdened biased mind about the placement of your body, but your infectiously addicted heart will lead you astray, as well. You are alive on this planet earth because you to experience certain involvements with certain people, in certain situations. They can occur no where else except where you reside. You have an appointed destiny to fulfill right where you stand. You need the experience of the address where you reside and the work you are doing. You need the events, circumstances and situations that come your way every single day. How much are you missing by looking for something else? Someone else? So many clues omens, rhythms, sounds, smells, voices, a gentle touch and passionate gestures are here. All of them!

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