The Beauty of Moroccan Table Lanterns

Ornate Moroccan ceilings, walls adorned with tadelakt plaster, floors with zellige tiles, amoire, and the infamous ottoman. But among these home decors the most popular and endearing among designers and collectors are the Moroccan Table Lanterns.

The rustic, intricate elegance of Moroccan Table Lamp have won artistic impression in the candle industry. Its credence is derived mainly from its antique finish, timeless beauty and enduring ornamental concept – elegant classic patterns, and unique figures and shapes.

There are countless Moroccan lanterns that fit your own furnishing and ornament scheme. From brass to iron, clear to colored-panel, trimmed to thickset designs. They also come in several types – hanging lanterns that are best for outdoor and indoor gardens, table candle holders, and candelabrums.

Moroccan candle lanterns made of brass usually include brass light in antique bronze finish and some of which are handmade. Others are a fusion of brass frames and clear panels. Iron Moroccan candle holders are usually antique grey finish.

Lots of Moroccan Lamp come in various distinctive colored-panels. From the primary colors of red, blue, green to multi-colors to clear or frosted. Handmade Moroccan candle lantern is also available in hand paint colors of your own liking and henna designs. Although clear-paneled candle lanterns are elegant, lanterns with a fusion of both clear and colored panels are quite tempting. The colors are more exciting and reflect real Moroccan intricacy and extravagance.

Hand-drilled, hand-engraved Moroccan Table Lanterns are also available, antique bronze finish and made of copper, which give your home that Mediterranean look.

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