The Saint Marcus – World’s Top Art Dealers

When we talk of The Saint Marcus world’s top art dealers, Larry Gagosian and Charles Saatchi are the two names that first cross our minds. They are the pillars of art collection, a heady mix of luck and swindle. Maybe with a pinch of art appreciation thrown in. Larry Gagosian is one such “art collector,” who epitomizes the sheer business power of art. Starting from the lowest rungs of selling cheap prints, Larry has made himself a powerful force in the art circles of the Big Apple. Among the world’s top art dealers; Gagosian’s is a complex story to dissect. Larry’s is an empire built on selling, buying, re-buying, and the humongous amount of hype.

A typical American Dream product, he has through a sheer brute force of hustling, made it to the top circles. His is an influence that buys more influence, and then buys some more. A businessperson who survives by the sheer enigma he has created, Larry is a marketing success story. His tenacity for hawking art pieces and his total disregard for criticisms is legendary in art circles. However, given the notoriety of his character, no one can deny the fact that Gagosian is a significant factor. Who has made Avant Garde art available, and who has spurred many an original artists. His penchant for sensing a business opportunity in places as diverse as Rome and China, coupled with his almost maniac obsession with opening galleries have somehow given him an aura of unfaultable art collector and the world’s top art dealer.

Another, one of the world’s top art dealers, Charles Saatchi, as an art collector, is the perfect foil of Gagosian. Born into riches, Charles Saatchi is the suave art dealer, who was sipping Champagne when Gagosian was selling cheap prints. However, while Gagosian is the proverbial bull in China shop, Saatchi is more calculative and suave. On pure merit and business sense,Charles lacks the thrust of Larry but Charles’ eyes for art and the future stars of modern art, are as canny and mind as intelligent.

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