Today’s Doggy Ramps Contribute to Healthier Pets

Your dog is much more than a pet in your home. They don’t sleep outside on cold nights in a dog house or under the porch and you make sure they see the vet regularly so they are healthy. Then you bring in a Doggy Ramps which can contribute to their health in 5 ways:

#1: Dog ramps reduce the wear and tear on a dog’s joints over time.

Right from their baby years, dogs love to run, jump and climb. There are some that are more laid back in their playful activities, but for the most part dogs are meant for movement. It is completely healthy for them and in fact the lack of exercise can be detrimental to their health. But there can be some harm done when dogs jump up and down from high perches frequently.

When a canine jumps down from a high perch all of their body weight comes crashing down on their joints. They have to catch themselves and continue running. While this may seem completely natural and harmless when your pup is young. The wear and tear on the joints really adds up over time. Once your dog reaches an older age they are more likely to have trouble with their joints.

When you supply your dog with ramps for dogs to get off of high perches. You can reduce the amount of stiffness, pain and discomfort they feel from their joints later in life.

#2: Dog ramps ensure older dogs safely get down from furniture and vehicles without straining the body or breaking bones.

The physical strain of catching their body weight when jumping down becomes more dangerous and potentially painful as your dog gets older. If you notice your dog seems to hesitate before jumping down from the furniture or getting out of the car. Or if they seem to be limping down or in pain, you need to get a dog ramp into your home as quickly as possible.

Dog ramps allow dogs to get up and down from their favorite spots without having to feel the pain or stiffness of their aging joints. They are less likely to break a bone or suffer from other injuries when they have a dog ramp.

#3: Dog ramps allow older or injured dogs to remain active so they stay healthy.

Most dogs will become less active as they get older. But some will stop moving to the point they gain weight and their quality of life is reduce. Similarly, dogs that have been injure or that are recovering from a serious illness may have great difficulties getting around the house. They may become immobile because they can’t get up and down from the spots they used to love visiting.

Dog ramps are the answer in both of these cases!

#4: Dog ramps add activity into a dog’s life which helps them maintain a healthy weight.

You can use ramps for dogs to add activity into your dog’s life and even to make training easier. The more they move the healthier they will be and the easier it will be to maintain a healthy weight.

#5: Dog ramps ensure the independence of all dogs leading to greater mental health.

Finally, ramps for dogs contribute to the emotional health of your dog. They help them become an active member of the family and will reduce the amount of depression and sadness that they feel.

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