Types Of Dog Ticks

Types Of Dog Ticks are commonly found in the United States. These are the American dog tick and the brown dog tick. Their scientific names are Dermacentor variabilis and Rhipicephalus sanguineus, respectively. The brown dog tick does not pose a threat to humans, as it rarely feeds on them.

American dog ticks are reddish-brown. The female has a silver spot, while the male has silver lines on the body. They are found in grasslands and woods. Larvae and nymphs feed on mice, squirrels, and other small animals, while adults feed on cattle, deer, raccoons, dogs, and humans. Adults are active between April and June. These ticks can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia to humans.

Brown dog ticks are unique in the sense that they can live and grow indoors. They are found in kennels or in homes where dogs stay and can cause canine babesiosis, canine ehrlichiosis, and tick paralysis. These ticks are also reddish-brown and their preferred host is a dog. To prevent brown dog tick bites, it is necessary to treat the dog, kennel, and home with tick-killing pesticide. Outdoor pesticide treatment is also crucial.

Dog ticks must removed immediately if found attach to a host. Tweezers or commercial tick removal aids should used for this purpose. Gloves must worn during tick removal. Ticks should never touched with bare hands because they can transmit infections. The correct method is to slowly pull the tick out from the point of attachment, ensuring that its mouth is not embed in the skin of the host. The tick should not crushed in the process. After removal, the bitten area and the tool use to remove the tick should cleaned with antiseptic. Vaseline, alcohol, nail-polish, or glowing match should not used for removing ticks.

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